Senior Management

Trevor Brown

Chief Executive

Trevor has been a strategic investor in equities and real estate for more than 30 years.  He is currently a Non-executive Director of Feedback plc and was until recently a director of Advanced Oncotherapy plc where he was involved in the strategy of transition to the provision of advanced cancer treatment services. Trevor joined the Board of Braveheart as a Non-executive Director on 1 April 2014 and was appointed Chief Executive on 24 August 2015.


Andrew Burton

Managing Director, Viking Fund Managers

Viking Fund Managers manages a number of funds based in the Yorkshire and Humber regions (including the Finance Yorkshire Equity Fund). Following Braveheart's acquisition of Inkopo in 2009, VFM is the result of a strategic coupling - and subsequent renaming - of both this company and of NEON Capital Partners. Andrew studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds and by the age of 35 had taken his own electronics company from start-up to trade sale. He has since worked with high growth firms, advising on all aspects of early stage technology-based business and funding for more than 25 years. He was previously Chairman of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels; an investment syndicate operated via Envestors from our London office. Previously, he was a director of national incubation body UKBI and of the Yorkshire and Humber Objective 2 fund, Partnership Investment Finance.

Viv Hallam

Director, Viking Fund Managers

Viv is CEO of Strathtay Ventures Ltd, which manages the operational functions and investment portfolio of Braveheart. He has been a fund manager and director at Viking Fund Managers Ltd, the Group's fund management business for several years. Viv joined Inkopo as Director, providing business consultancy to companies across Yorkshire, until it was acquired by Braveheart in 2009. He had previously worked in product development for the automotive engineering sector and international sales management for a Swiss group. He is a Chartered Engineer and has an MBA from Aston University.